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En este proyecto en desarrollo, retrato personas cuyos nombres online (de la red social Instagram) no coinciden con sus nombres“legales”, y construyo naturalezas muertas basadas en esos nombres temporales. El proyecto se inspira en la “política de nombres reales” que promovió Facebook, que busca controlar y alinear la identificación y autorrepresentación, con los nombres que llevamos en los documentos.

Persona is an ongoing, long term project that reflects on how people build their identity on social media. I see Instagram as a contemporary and parallel universe where we build our “persona” for others to see. This project is a personal take on how we (re) present ourselves for others online.

I was inspired by Facebook's “real name policy” “where you agree that your profile name is “the name [you] go by in everyday life. This name must also appear on their list of approved documents”. The people photographed in this project want to be identified with a concept or idea rather than an identification or birth name. Their instagram name is also open to subjectivity. People choose what to post, but they don't have control over how other people see them. There is a temporary aspect in the construction of these identities as their Instagram names can be changed whenever they want, building a new identity from scratch.

My photographic approach is in diptychs: the passport photo, the “real face policy” with the counter part of a still life that represents their nickname, as I, the photographer, understand it. Visually, the overall interest is to work with still life as a way of portraiture and to generate tension between the images, exploring the symbolic and concrete power that objects can convey in a photograph, in order to represent an identity.

(References: Irving Penn’s Small Trades)

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